Commercial Roofing in the Treasure Valley

Your Business’s Roof Needs Attention Too!

When you own a brick-and-mortar business, the last thing you want to think about is your roof, but sometimes it is necessary. If your business is regularly visited by customers or clients, it does need to be a concern. Curb appeal and first impressions can make or break a business, and a rotted, leaking roof isn’t going to impress. In addition, a leaking roof can damage other structures of the building in addition to possibly damaging equipment or merchandise. It isn’t worth the risk.

Many businesses also have flat roofs. On flat roofs, water can start pooling up in places, which can lead to mold and rot, cause further damage, and even make people sick. It’s important for the building you conduct business in to get a periodic inspection. Such an inspection can point out potential problems before they become a problem. In the case of a business, an ounce of prevention can save you a lot of money!

Roofing tar paper

Business roofs are not immune to the wrath of Mother Nature, either. They can also be damaged by strong winds, hail, or falling limbs. This type of damage is often covered by your business’s liability insurance, and if you choose to file a claim with your insurance company, we will help you through the entire process to make it easy for you!

Call Team Construction at (208) 898-9882 today for a complimentary roof inspection. We will look for damage, possible problem spots, and give you an estimated time when the roof may need to be replaced. We serve the entire Treasure Valley, Idaho, and would love to serve you!

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